Portrait of a young boy in black and white

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Portrait of a young boy in black and white.
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  1. Beautiful picture. Can I use it in an article about relationships?

  1. GagaBoss says:


    thank you for having interest in my work, and thanks for kind words about it.

    Though I selling my pictures in full quality on stock images sites for this one you have my permission to use it
    in your article if it is not for commercial purposes, and if you don't mind to credit me with backlink to my site.

    Please be aware I don't permit using any of my images on sites which have adult pictures and are affiliated with adult content.
    Having said this you are free to use it as is, in your article about relationships, if it is for informational, fun and family friendly purposes.

    Please be sure to put in this article backlink to my site www.gagaboss.com and credit me as author of this image.